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Below you will find an archive of sermons preached at Faith by our Pastors John Hickey and Jessica King.  You may also click on the resources button (not available on mobile devices) to view any additional sermon material such as the text or notes to download.  Use the share button to post the sermon on social media or email to a friend.  Video and Audio podcasts of the sermons are available to download and subscribe to on iTunes and Google Play as well.

Sermons at Faith Audio Only

Below are the same sermons as above, but in audio only format.  You can also access our audio of the sermons as a Podcast in the Apple Podcast App or the Google Play Store. 


Pastor Jes invites each of us to experience and experiment with new prayer practices.  She is highlighting creative ways to pray each week during her June sermon series, ‘Essential Prayers.’  There are a variety of ways to pray, no one way is right or better than another and there is no wrong way to pray!  With that said, sometimes new prayer practices may feel a bit awkward; keep trying!  You never know how it will deepen your relationship with God and improve your prayer life.

  • breath PRAYER (JUNE 17th)

    Praying as we breathe...

  • POPCORN PRAYER (June 10th)

    Praying with our words as they come...

  • GESTURE PRAYER (June 3rd)

    Praying with our bodies and imaginations...

  • Listening Prayer (June 24)

    Praying as we listen for God's voice...