From the time each of us were born we began a life long journey of knowing Christ personally, growing with Christ intimately, and showing Christ passionately. Along the way we need to spend intentional time learning about and integrating our faith into our daily lives, so that we may strengthen our relationship with Christ.

Confirmation is the time when you take responsibility for your own faith journey by standing before the congregation and affirm the promises that were made for you at your baptism. However, prior to making this public affirmation of your faith we offer you time to ask questions and learn about your faith, the Bible, worship, God, or anything else related to your faith journey. It is a time for you to explore what it means to be a Christian, what you believe, and how you will live out your faith on a daily basis.

The Confirmation program at Faith Lutheran is a 3 year commitment; designed for Jr. High aged youth beginning in 6th grade but open to anyone who desires to grow in their faith journey and affirm the promises of their baptism. 

The program requires:

  • Attendance at Confirmation Classes: where we will learn the fundamental Bible stories of the Old and New Testaments, the foundations of our Lutheran heritage, and Peer Ministry Leadership.
  • Attendance at Confirmation Camp in the summer at Lutherwald
  • Attendance and involvement in worship
  • Attendance at FLYjr activities throughout each year
  • Write, draw, or complete your “Here I Stand” statement (aka. statement of faith) 

Youth will be confirmed at the end of their third year in the program, the spring of their 8th grade year in school. Confirmation Sunday will be the first Sunday in May.